Where Can I Find 5000 Loans?

Written by itadmin on March 29th, 2010

5000 loans are everywhere.  Lenders are advertising for your business as both parties will receive a fair outcome.  The lenders want you to contact them via the internet or by their business phone number.  These lenders are advertising in the newspapers and on the internet.  Different lenders have different requirements for loaning money to people.  Some lenders only want people who have been at the same job for two years or longer.  Some lenders prefer borrowers who are buying their home.  Some lenders are concerned with how the borrower used credit in the past and how the borrower paid his obligations when they were due.  Other lenders look at what is happening in the borrower’s life today, do they have a good job and enough money to pay back the loan?  You may need to try several lenders before you find one that wants your type of borrower.

You can borrow money from the lender two ways. You can get a secured loan or an unsecured loan. If you get a secured loan you agree to put up furniture, car, boat, or anything that is worth more than $5000.

If you get an unsecured loan, you simply make a promise to repay the money.   You can spend the money any way you want.  You can take a vacation.  You can buy furniture for the living room or buy kitchen appliances.  You can take a trip or hold a party.  You can pay off bills or have dental work done.  It is your money.  The secured loan will take a few days longer to get. If you are pledging furniture, the lender may need to see the furniture or see a receipt for when you purchased the furniture.  If you are using a car title, the title should be all the proof you need.   You fill out an application. The lender gets a credit report.   The lender is concerned with your credit score.  A credit score shows how you have paid your bills in the past.  The lender says yes.

The unsecured loan is quicker to get.  You fill out an application for the money.  This lender is more concerned that you can repay the money today than anything that happened in the past.  The lender asks how you can repay the money and you tell him that you have a job, or retirement income or a disability income.  The lender says yes.   The rest of the process is the same. You can negotiate on the interest rate you will pay, what the monthly payments will be, and how long you make monthly payments.  The more lenders you can find that want to loan you money, the better deal you can get.  Then the lender has you sign some documents, collects any information the lender requires, and gives you the money.  Some of these lenders will be in a different city or different state.  All of the paperwork can be done by overnight mail.  The money can be wire-transferred into your checking account.  You may never see the lender.  It is easy.  The lenders want to give 5000 cash loans. That is the purpose of their business and they are not picky about who they give these types of loans to.


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