5 Things You Can Buy with a 5000 Loan

Written by itadmin on November 1st, 2013

There are plenty of things money can buy, even though, as the popular adage goes, happiness is not one of them. Comfort, security, and the joy of others, on the other hand, can be included on the list. Since our website offers you the option of applying for a quick, safe online loan of up to $5,000, and since we’ve previously discussed the variants you have for accessing a 5,000 dollar loan, today we’re focusing on the consequences of such a loan. If you want to know what this kind of money can buy you, read on for a list of items and services you can buy with a 5000 loan.

… your way out of debt

Sometimes we fall behind with paying our bills. Sometimes, precarious economic and employment conditions make it difficult to cover our outstanding debt. And at other times still, emergency strikes when least expected. All the above situations can seriously destabilize a household budget, when not handled the right way. However, they can be avoided with a quick cash fix. In this sense, peace of mind is one of the things you can buy with a 5000 loan, should you opt for debt repayment or consolidation.

A great holiday

It might strike some as extravagant, but if you’ve always dreamt of spending some time in an exotic location, usually reserved for the rich and famous, then you may want to include the vacation of a lifetime on your list of things to buy with a 5000 loan. Alternatives for destinations? There’s plenty of those out there. We particularly recommend an all-inclusive resort in Thailand or the Caribbean, or a safari in Africa – according to one authoritative website on this topic, $5,000 can buy you a great experience on a safari in Cape Town or Kruger Park.

A chic wedding

Whilst spending $5,000 on a holiday is no pocket change, a $5,000 wedding might sound impossible to many. It’s a small budget, yet it’s not exactly a paltry one. It all depends on how you set your goals and budget for them. Weddings entail numerous expenses, including, but not limited to invitations, a band, the menu, and the venue. Keeping it small and cozy, while also opting for bride and groom wedding attire rentals can help you remain within the boundaries of your $5,000 budget and be happy you opted for a quick loan in the first place. PS: $5,000 is plenty of cash to elope, if you’re the adventurous type!

Second hand vehicle

$5,000 is usually not enough for a brand new car, but there are plenty of vehicle dealers out there, which can secure a good purchase for that amount of money. You can even opt for a small van or pickup truck for your business, which will eventually pay off as an investment into its efficiency. Owning a personal vehicle also comes with numerous other advantages, not the least of which mobility and reducing time spent navigating the city for errands. Though it might not be new, a car is one of the best things you can buy with a 5000 loan.

Home remodel with a 5000 loan

If you’re considering a property sale, a home remodel is perfect to buy with a 5000 loan. That’s because successfully closing a home sale deal is largely about details which a renovation project can take care of: new tiling in the bathroom, an update for your kitchen sink and other plumbing, a more modern wall décor, or a professional lawn service treatment. Even if you’re not on the market for selling your home, you might still benefit from the effects of that long overdue home improvement project – and a small, quick cash loan can take care of it for you.


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